As Long as There Is Sin

As long as there is sin, there will be racism.  It does not matter what systems are in place or policies are changed. Racism does not come from government policy. It comes from the hearts of sinful men. Injustice is everywhere in the world. We here in America do not have ownership of injustice. If…

Urban Harvest and Covid-19

  Urban Harvest and Covid-19   As I have prayed over this Covid-19 crisis, one word continually comes to me. Opportunity. Those who have the Light of the world in their hearts are given an opportunity to shine that light perhaps like never before in our nation. As our neighbors walk in fear, we can…

Dr. Grassano Receives Prestigious Honor

The Spirit of Detroit Award  was presented by the City Council of Detroit to Dr. Tom Grassano, founder and executive director of Urban Harvest Ministries. The presentation reads: Spirit of Detroit Award is presented herewith as an expression of the gratitude and esteem of the citizens of Detroit to Dr. Tom Grassano in recognition of exceptional…

Hope For The City VIDEO

What Others Are Saying About Urban Harvest

“It’s easy to focus on the needs and problems in the inner city and world without offering real solutions that make a difference.  UHM has consistently offered the hope of Christ with Word centered and Holy Spirit directed solutions.”

Pastor Wayne Merritt

“Once I got involved I began to realize that everyone I met was, in many ways, just like me; concerned about family, jobs, relationships, the same things we are all concerned with. They became real people to me and I began to realize how much they needed to hear and know about the love of God.  UHM truly is the hands and feet of Jesus in communities where it is needed the most.  This ministry is real and it is effective, which is why I still support it today.”

Bill Strobridge

“While we were doing outreach in a park, a pastor stopped and asked me, ‘Are you crazy? Do you know where you’re at? Do you realize how much blood has run in this park?’ I said, ‘That may be so, but we’re getting ready to change that. It’s going to be the blood of Jesus to flow in this park now.’ That week, 11 young men received Christ!”

Elder Leslie Matthews Triumphant Life, Highland Park

“We’ve seen people opening their doors in areas where we weren’t able to get in their doors before. The concentration has been on Jesus and His delivering power! Hope for the City a blessing to Detroit and a blessing to our church. It’s a blessing from the Lord!”

Harvey Presberry Canfield Church of God, East Detroit

Urban Harvest Ministries has been used of God to bring new life to our church and our city: To our church by challenging and training me and our members to take the Gospel to the streets through prayer and proclamation; and to our city by their leadership and ministry that crosses cultural, ethnic and denominational boundaries. They are doers as well as a dreamers of God’s vision for the city.

Pastor Tim Terhune Faith Bible, Livonia/Detroit, Michigan

Urban Harvest Ministries has created miracles for the children and families of our community.

Luis Perez Community Liaison for US Congressman Jose Serrano

Urban Harvest Ministries has done whatever it takes to bring Christ’s life and love to the hurting of some of the neediest communities of our nation.

Rev. Nick Savoca YWAM Metro New York and North American Cities Director

I know of no one who has greater compassion for and greater expertise in ministering to the disenfranchised that exist in the urban community.

Dr. Lamar Vest former President, American Bible Society