A Prayerwalking Testimony

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Pastor Les Woodard, a member of our Board of Directors, shared this testimony with us:

Our church has had a longtime connection with Urban Harvest and the Grassano’s. Both our former pastor and present pastor have visited the Bronx and Detroit. Current Pastor Les brought two youth groups to the Bronx in the early 2000’s. Tom Grassano has spent time with the leaders at the church sharing tried and true methods for prayerwalking and evangelism training through the years. The prayerwalking ministry influenced this group of leaders and students.

Over the last several years, Rincon Church of God outside Savannah, GA has developed a healthy and trusting relationship with our county school system. This began when our youth requested access to the schools several years ago to prayerwalk the Saturday before the start of the new school year.

What began with a handful of parents, teens, and youth leaders at a few schools has developed into an annual event that welcomes other churches and covers every school in the county. For the past two years, the school superintendent has contacted us and not only requested teams to show up to pray, but also opened every school in the county so our kids, teens, parents, and youth leaders can prayerwalk the halls of each elementary, middle, and high school. This group meets the night before and organizes teams, reviews the prayer list, and prays over the next day’s events following a time of worship.

At the height of the C-19 pandemic, these students and leaders prayerwalked their schools believing for a safe, healthy, and effective school year. God answered their prayers as Effingham County School completed a full school year, in house, for the entire 2020-2021 year. These leaders attribute the prayerwalks to the blessings and favor of the Lord that followed as a result.

Praise the Lord! Keep it up, Pastor Les!