The Bridge School of Mission

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The mission of The Bridge School of Mission is to empower and equip followers of Christ in evangelism, discipleship, servant leadership and pioneer ministry.

The Bridge School of Mission is an outgrowth of the leadership development and empowerment in Great Commission that Urban Harvest Ministries has conducted in cities and nations. Seeing both the need and the increased desire in multiple locations, Urban Harvest Ministries has established The Bridge to equip and empower current and emerging leaders in Great Commission ministry.

The focus of The Bridge is to provide a deeper foundation in sharing our faith and relational discipleship, to strengthen spiritual foundations, and to prepare for greater servant-leadership roles in the local church and community. Topics of study include servant leadership, Christian living, discipleship, worship, evangelism and outreach, empowerment of the poor, reaching the unchurched, hermeneutics, doctrine, examining modern theological trends, local church and pastoral ministry, and Christian Education.

Applications are open to followers of Christ that are 18 years and older and must be submitted one month before classes begin. Upon acceptance, a one-time registration fee of $35 will be provided by each applicant. A course fee of $25 per student ($35 for couples) for each course of study will be provided by the student no later than two weeks before the beginning of that course.

A certificate program will be offered which can be completed in one year. Seven of the eight divisions of study must be completed to receive a certificate. Teaching will be conducted through Zoom. The divisions of study and topics are provided below.

Each course is completed in a six-week study on Saturday mornings. Hermeneutics and Servant Leadership will begin January 9, 2021 and will conclude on February 13. After a two-week break, the second set of courses will be offered March 13 – April 24 (with no classes on April 3 for Easter weekend). The full course schedule is provided below.

Individuals interested in The Bridge School of Mission may contact Urban Harvest Ministries at or (313) 971-7450.

It is our prayer that the training you receive will equip you for more fruitful and effective ministry in your context.

Divisions of Study

HERMENEUTICS  (Professor: Dr. Lamont Freeman. January 9 -February 13, 2021)

  • Authority and Authenticity of the Bible: What is the Bible? Where did it come from? Can we trust the authority of the Bible? What does “divine inspiration” mean?
  • Bible Study: Exploring different methods to study the Bible
  • Bible Teaching: Exploring how to teach the Bible

SERVANT LEADERSHIP   (Professor: Dr. Tom Grassano. January 9 -February 13, 2021)

  • Definition of Servant Leadership
  • Fundamental Components of Servant Leadership
  • Vision for the people: The difference of “Big Picture” vision and “Purpose Driven” vision; Implementation of vision
  • The Favor of God: Pursuing the favor of God
  • The Presence of God: Preparing and preserving the atmosphere for the presence of God  
  • Multiplying servant leadership  

DOCTRINE and BELIEF   (Professor: Dr. Lamont Freeman. March 13-April 24, 2021 with no class April 3)

  • Basic Bible Doctrine: The Doctrine of the Trinity, the Doctrine of Creation, the Doctrine of Salvation, the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit and His work in the church today, and more topics
  • Heaven / Eschatology: Understanding the last days and the promise of heaven
  • Biblical perspective of modern theological movements: Examining modern theological movements and their Biblical basis

GREAT COMMISSION   (Professor: Dr. Tom Grassano. March 13-April 24, 2021 with no class on April 3) 

  • Exploring the Great Commission in Scripture
  • Analyzing the Unchurched / Building Bridges to the Unchurched
  • Prayer Evangelism: Breaking up the fallow ground / Destroying strongholds; Prayerwalking and Prayer Stations
  • Foundations of Evangelism
  • Relational Evangelism: Bringing the Gospel to the unreached; Presenting the Gospel with relevance
  • Community Outreach and Community Transformation: Pastoring the streets around you; Preparing for empowerment
  • Discipleship / Mentoring leaders: Exploring New Testament methods of discipleship and relational mentoring; Discipling into Faith

CHRISTIAN EDUCATION   (Professor: Miss Angelica Grassano. August 21-September 25, 2021)

  • Discipling children and youth: Exploring the unique needs of children and youth of varying ages
  • Curriculum: Writing curriculum and developing lessons for specific age groups
  • Teaching: Examining different learning and teaching styles
  • Classroom management: Keeping the attention of students and discipline in a group setting  

CHURCH MINISTRY (Professors: Dr. Lamont Freeman and Dr. Tom Grassano. August 21-September 25, 2021)

  • Pastoral Leadership: The ministry of the pastor, godly spiritual authority, ministering in your giftings, carrying the calling of God with dignity and integrity, priority of the home, and other topics
  • Team ministry in the local church: Examining the principles of team leadership and team ministry in the church
  • Church Administration: Examining the ministry of administration of the church
  • Principles of financial integrity for the church: Examining methods of proper financial record keeping and financial integrity

CHRISTIAN LIVING (Professors: Dr. Lamont Freeman, Dr. Tom Grassano. October 16-November 20, 2021)

  • Christian living: Examining how the Lordship of Christ impacts all areas of living, including financial management, tithing and giving, holiness and the sanctified life, unity, forgiveness, compassion, and the fruit of the Holy Spirit
  • Relationships with our neighbors: Examining what it means to be the example of Christ to our neighbors and friends and in the context of our community
  • Marriage and Family: Placing marriage and family into a Biblical perspective, including the relationship of husband and wife, parenting, and godly order in the home

WORSHIP   (Professor: Dr. Tom Grassano. October 16-November 20, 2021)

  • Worship in the church: Examining the ministry of worship in the church
  • Worship as lifestyle: Exploring the true ministry of worship in our day-to-day living
  • Worship in the community: Reaching the needs of our community through Benevolent ministry
  • Prayer and spiritual warfare: Placing spiritual warfare into a Biblical perspective