It is our mission to equip leaders for relevant ministry among the urban poor and to implement strategic, relevant evangelism and discipleship among the urban unchurched that transforms lives and communities one person and one family at a time.


To accomplish our mission, we:

• Pray – Establishing prayer initiatives in cities, uniting followers of Christ and focusing on the One who must lead any effort for change.

• Network – Developing partnerships between suburban and urban Christians and churches.

• Empower – Empowering children, youth and families with faith, education, work ethic, family responsibility and moral values to insure hope for tomorrow.

• Equip – Equipping existing and emerging leaders in cities to implement relevant strategies that will reach the urban unchurched with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and empower urban citizens toward their destinies.

• Serve – Leading in strategic outreach which gives urban citizens in target communities the opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel.

• Engage – Engaging students in short-term mission projects, providing opportunities for life-change while serving long-term strategies in urban communities.

• Share Ownership – Developing local leadership teams in target communities for growth, ownership, and sustainability of vision.

What’s most important is bridging the inner city and its people to the Lord and His people. It’s really as simple – and as powerful – as that. This kind of networking is empowering many people in the inner city and bringing the light in to the darkest places in our nation. As we see the continued move of immigrants toward urban areas and the growth of cities even through difficult times, we are certain we’re right where we need to be to bring people hope, healing and salvation.


For more than two decades, Urban Harvest has been reaching out in some of the most desperate communities in our nation. The methods God has taught us are proven over time and came from much prayer, and more than a few tough years. To read more about the methods used by UHM, read “What we do at UHM” below.







Months before launching out to the South Bronx in 1994, we began recruiting people to pray for this work — people who would intercede and petition God for the strategic needs of this ministry.

Over and over again the power of prayer has been proven. Notes, phone calls and e-mails have come at the exact time that a crisis was occurring or financial needs increased. Many times we have felt the prayers of godly people as we have reached into areas of fear, despair, immorality, violence, addictions, abuse, false religions and other places of darkness.

As the ministry of UHM continues our needs for prayer grow greater. Please consider joining us in prayer.

Here is how you can pray for UHM:

  • That God will guide us and give us His wisdom as we mentor leaders and equip in the Great Commission
  • That God will give us His strategies for changing lives and communities
  • That God will lead us into new areas of ripe harvest fields and connect us with the people He has ordained to partner with this ministry
  • That God will send a revival of souls and of servants hungry and thirsty to make a difference
  • That God will open doors to share the Gospel with those who have not heard
  • That God will keep us strong in spirit and in health as we do His work
  • That God will protect us everywhere we go
  • That God will provide for the growing financial needs of this ministry so that we can reach more and more for Christ in cities

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UHM is a Great Commission ministry. Everything we do is about fulfilling the mandate to share the hope of the Gospel. We do this first by awakening to the Great Commission, casting the vision among followers of Christ of what can be done in urban communities. Then we empower in the Great Commission, equipping God’s people to pastor their community and bring lasting change to the streets around them. We strategize with pastors for church growth, for the implementation of discipleship programming and the establishment of strategic outreach programs for their community.  Then we lead in the Great Commission, walking the streets and leading in outreach to bring hope to people in need and to model outreach that makes a difference.

With every outreach, months of strategizing, preparing, training, networking, and praying are involved to fit every outreach project into the long-range plans God has given us to see people and communities change.

We are actively involved in mentoring pastors and young leaders. Raising up transformational leaders is a very important part of this ministry for they will be the agents of change in their churches and communities!

One of the most important things we do is to foster relationships with the unchurched to share the Gospel through:

  • Children’s and youth outreach
  • Sports and creative arts outreach
  • Community Family Days and Resource Fairs
  • Homeless Outreach
  • Ministry to families in need
  • Prayer Evangelism including Prayerwalking and Prayer Stations


Years ago in the Bronx, we found many obstacles to breakthrough. After a season of seeking the Lord, God gave us a simple strategy: Pray over every house in a one mile radius of The Harvest Center by going door-to-door. We did it as God instructed us, going out in groups of two and three, praying discretely at each door, not knocking unless impressed to do so. This took several years to accomplish because over 80,000 people live in that one-mile radius! But finally – when the last door had been touched and prayed over – a real spiritual breakthrough came to the community: The crime rate fell. Corruption was cleaned out of the precinct. Drugs and gangs left the parks and playgrounds. Slum Lord housing was torn down. Children’s programs increased. New businesses came into the community. It was obvious what had happened: God changed the spiritual climate of the neighborhood!

Today, Urban Harvest is multiplying the strategies and lessons God taught us through Prayerwalking: Scores of believers are joining together and going boldly into places in the inner city to pray for light to break through and lives to be changed by the power of God. Prayerwalking is vital to any real and lasting change and act as a foundation and an umbrella for all of our efforts.


Prayer Stations are tables with large banners inviting people to come to have us pray for their needs – right then and there. We don’t ask for anything from them except to bring their cares to Jesus, and we lead these neighborhoods of need right to Him. You’d be amazed at the divine appointments that have led to many salvations, healings and answers to prayers of all kinds that happen when you go to God in faith.

These are just some of the methods that God has taught us and that we have seen bring hope, life, and change to people, families and communities!

“Urban Harvest Ministries has been used of God to bring new life to our church and our city: To our church by challenging and training me and our members to take the Gospel to the streets through prayer and proclamation; and to our city by their leadership and ministry that crosses cultural, ethnic and denominational boundaries. They are doers as well as dreamers of God’s vision for the city.”

Pastor Tim Terhune, Faith Bible Church, Livonia

“We’ve seen people opening their doors in areas where we weren’t able to get in their doors before. The concentration has been on Jesus and His delivering power! Hope for the City is a blessing to Detroit and a blessing to our church. It’s a blessing from the Lord!”

Pastor Harvey Presberry, Canfield Church of God, East Detroit

“To have a ministry come alongside of us who understands the things we go through and the struggles and challenges that we face every day and be there to hold our arms up in the middle of the battle is just awesome. It’s something we have not had in the past. It is priceless.”

Pastor Patti Marks, Metro Life Church and Global Arts Position, Detroit

“While we were doing outreach in a park, a pastor stopped and asked me, ‘Are you crazy? Do you know where you’re at? Do you realize how much blood has run in this park?’ I said, ‘That may be so, but we’re getting ready to change that. It’s going to be the blood of Jesus to flow in this park now.’ That week, 11 young men received Christ!”

Elder Leslie Matthews, Triumphant Life Christian Church, Highland Park

“We can no longer stay within the four walls of our churches and expect to reach our community. We have to go to them, because we have the greatest message and the greatest thing of all – Jesus Christ!”

Pastor Michael Haley, Ferndale Assembly of God

“We have also benefited as Pastor Tom and his family have shared with our church family proven strategies to reaching the lost and our communities. Their approach to ministry is a personal one which translates to any culture and community. We have learned methods of outreach and approaches to prayer which we have implemented into our church culture. Genuine partnership takes place when we share resources and experiences. The Grassano’s haven’t simply taken our support with gratitude. They have also invested in our church family on many occasions. We continue to be grateful for the opportunity to partner with this wonderful family and look forward to hearing all the amazing ways God uses them for His Kingdom!”

Pastor Les Woodard, Rincon Church of God

“Urban Harvest Ministries is the meaning and example of how you truly serve the Lord. Dr. Tom Grassano planted Harvest Church to serve as a hospital for all who needed healing and wanted new life. Harvest Church gave me life, meaning, and purpose. One of the best ways you can love God is by serving others and I believe UHM is truly an example of that.”

William Figueroa, Harvest Church member, South Bronx

“Because of Urban Harvest Ministries and because of the family within Harvest Church in the Bronx, I’ve experienced and can now identify what Christ-like love truly is. It is patient and kind, not jealous or boastful or proud. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps NO record of being wronged. It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. LOVE NEVER GIVES UP, NEVER LOSES FAITH, is ALWAYS HOPEFUL and ENDURES through EVERY circumstance. This is how Jesus calls us to love: selflessly, with humility and compassion. This is what I found in UHM. I am so grateful to Harvest Church and the 25 plus years dedicated to restoring hearts, providing hope and most of all sharing the Good news of God’s unconditional love and salvation. May we continue to willingly be the hands and feet of God while here on this earth. Lord, make us usable, give us Your heart, Your Character and Your Love.”

Sulay Torres, Harvest Church member, South Bronx