We believe that the Bible is the divinely inspired and authoritative Word of God, revealing to us:

  • The fullness of the Trinity, namely the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit;
  • That man is created in God’s image;
  • That man is fallen and in need of redemption and that God has made redemption possible through the death and resurrection of His Son Jesus Christ;
  • That Jesus Christ was born of a virgin;
  • That man can be saved by God’s grace through faith in Jesus, and that this is the promise of God for all who believe;
  • That Jesus Christ is the only One to whom we confess our sins for God alone can forgive;
  • That repentance, faith, Godly love and obedience are just responses to God’s initiative of grace toward us;
  • That purity of heart, thought, speech, motive and action is God’s standard of living for His people;
  • That the Holy Spirit comes to fill the Christian with His power and anointing, and that He manifests spiritual fruit and gifts through us for the accomplishing of the Great Commission to “Go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19);
  • That baptism in water and the observance of the Lord’s supper are significant acts of obedience, and that divine healing is provided through Jesus Christ;
  • That Christ’s promise to return for His church will be accomplished at God’s appointed time, and that we His children are to be busy about His business looking earnestly for His coming.

We believe that the whole Gospel responds to all of the needs

of the whole man in the whole world